Scandinavian design and stylish felt bags – who is miDeer?

One of my favourite accessories in Design Eighty One current product range is this elegant felt bag -nord- from Estonian brand miDeer. The bag’s distinctive handle makes it eye-catching and very chic but in the same time being practical and surprisingly spacious. Scandinavian design at its best! Absolutely must have for any fashion-conscious woman who’s not scared to stand out from the ordinary!

Who is miDeer?

The founder of miDeer, Sinika Seepõld, loves minimalist and sleek Scandinavian style and that is clearly seen in all of her designs. The brand has now developed into three separate product ranges – miDeer.home, and Although clearly divided, you can definitely see the connection between these three ranges, the unique style flowing seamlessly between the home interior pieces, accessories and children’s clothing.

Felt bags and laptop sleeves? Why felt?

Thick industrial felt is absolutely perfect match for miDeer’s Nordic style! The material is very practical and super durable, protecting the contents of your bag and lasting you for many years. But I just love the look of this grey felt – so crisp and clean – making it great for anyone appreciating simple but elegant Scandinavian design.

What’s next for miDeer?

miDeer customers are people who appreciate simple yet attractive designs, who love Nordic products and its fine quality. I can totally see why miDeer has become successful business and well-known name in Estonia.
Now the business is ready to move to the next level. Sinika’s plan is to introduce miDeer products to Scandinavian countries and the rest of the Europe as well. Design Eighty One simply adores all of their designs and wishes miDeer all the best!

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