New arrivals this week!

It’s always pretty exciting to get stuff in post, right? Well, it has been super exciting here in Design Eighty One headquarters, parcels with new stock have been arriving, some we can announce now, some little later! This week has brought us two new Estonian designers, and their lovely products have been just listed in the Design Eighty One shop.

Firstly we are delighted to introduce you Tie&Apron. Andres Labi designed the first tie apron for a design competition ‘Male Thing’ in 2013, arranged by the Estonian Association of Designers. Soon enough, the tie apron got recognition both locally and internationally.
Tie&Apron combines the distinction of a neck tie with the utility of an apron. Whether you are cooking, serving or just enjoying food, Tie&Apron turns every dinner into an extravagant moment, a sophisticated ritual that you won’t forget.

Tie & Apron

Second new arrival to Design Eighty One is Bold Tuesday. Designers Kairi and Markus, founders of Bold Tuesday, say: “We design interactive maps and creative travel posters that help you get a better view of your adventures – where have you travelled so far and where do you plan to go next? Every travel map poster tells a unique story because you are the one who creates it! It’s your world, your trips and travels – we just provide you with the clever canvas.”
Sounds perfectly amazing!

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