Spring and happiness!

Finally the spring is here! Every year it feels like it’s never going to happen; days are still bit too short, the weather is still bit too cold, we would still prefer hibernating. Hygge is still a thing. But the signs are certainly there – daffodils are everywhere, crocuses and snowdrops too, and if you stop and look and listen – the nature is winning over the gloomy dark winter and our long-lost friend is definitely back.

Today is also International Day of Happiness, perfectly suited to mark the arrival of spring. Or is it because of the spring we all should be happiest today? Either way, sharing the same date totally makes sense.

Design Eighty One is so ready for spring! Last week we had this gorgeous delivery of butterfly brooches to our shop and we absolutely love them! Made by KUMA, these butterflies are perfect to accessorise your everyday outfit or wear them at special occasions – as a tie or a brooch – the decision is yours. Difficult choice would be which one to buy!

Looking for more new bright accessories? We still have lots of beautiful Willow wing earrings in stock, and in plenty of colours to pick from.

Don’t forget your home too, spring is perfect time to spruce up your living space or home office! Our current favourites are bright posters from Kata Kiosk, cute ceramic vases from Maris Loitmets and dreamy linen curtains from Baiba Rulle.

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