Spring and happiness!

Finally the spring is here! Every year it feels like it’s never going to happen; days are still bit too short, the weather is still bit too cold, we would still prefer hibernating. Hygge is still a thing. But the signs are certainly there – daffodils are everywhere, crocuses and snowdrops too, and if you stop and look and listen – the nature is winning over the gloomy dark winter and our long-lost friend is definitely back.

Today is also International Day of Happiness, perfectly suited to mark the arrival of spring. Or is it because of the spring we all should be happiest today? Either way, sharing the same date totally makes sense.

Design Eighty One is so ready for spring! Last week we had this gorgeous delivery of butterfly brooches to our shop and we absolutely love them! Made by KUMA, these butterflies are perfect to accessorise your everyday outfit or wear them at special occasions – as a tie or a brooch – the decision is yours. Difficult choice would be which one to buy!

Looking for more new bright accessories? We still have lots of beautiful Willow wing earrings in stock, and in plenty of colours to pick from.

Don’t forget your home too, spring is perfect time to spruce up your living space or home office! Our current favourites are bright posters from Kata Kiosk, cute ceramic vases from Maris Loitmets and dreamy linen curtains from Baiba Rulle.

New arrival: Ööloom sleeping mask

An average person sleeps about 200 000 hours during his lifetime. Over 22 years in total. That is too much for sleep to be taken lightly! Ööloom is a sleeping mask, which uses the ancient power of wild animals, because unlike humans, animals have never had any trouble with sleeping.

The name “Ööloom” is an Estonian word that translates to “night owl” – a person who tends to stay up until late at night. The crude direct translation “night-beast” however sounds vastly superior! The pronunciation of “Ööloom ” in English is “oo-loom ”. “Oo” as in “boo!” and “loom ” as in “hey! sorry I didn’t mean to scare you by looming over you like a super-scary monster, I just want to be your friend.”

Ööloom was created by small group of friends – Karmen, Jan, Johan and Mihkel – with the combined skills in marketing, graphic design and branding. Simple but fun, and amazingly effective sleeping mask was born when Karmen couldn’t find any great Christmas presents and she decided to make some herself. The result was a hit amongst her friends and rest is the history. More than two years later, Ööloom has a great range of sleeping masks which have reached the sleepers and avid nap takers worldwide.

Not surprisingly, in 2015, Ööloom won the Best Innovation Grand Prix in Estonia’s most prestigious design awards competition “The Golden Egg” (Kuldmuna), and taking home gold medals in illustration, branding and package design categories.

“Many people view sleeping as a passive act. You just close your eyes, and don’t worry about the rest of it. But the reality is that you actually go on breath-taking adventures inside your own mind.” We are definitely ready far that! Night-night.

Scandinavian design and stylish felt bags – who is miDeer?

One of my favourite accessories in Design Eighty One current product range is this elegant felt bag -nord- from Estonian brand miDeer. The bag’s distinctive handle makes it eye-catching and very chic but in the same time being practical and surprisingly spacious. Scandinavian design at its best! Absolutely must have for any fashion-conscious woman who’s not scared to stand out from the ordinary!

Who is miDeer?

The founder of miDeer, Sinika Seepõld, loves minimalist and sleek Scandinavian style and that is clearly seen in all of her designs. The brand has now developed into three separate product ranges – miDeer.home, miDeer.design and miDeer.kids. Although clearly divided, you can definitely see the connection between these three ranges, the unique style flowing seamlessly between the home interior pieces, accessories and children’s clothing.

Felt bags and laptop sleeves? Why felt?

Thick industrial felt is absolutely perfect match for miDeer’s Nordic style! The material is very practical and super durable, protecting the contents of your bag and lasting you for many years. But I just love the look of this grey felt – so crisp and clean – making it great for anyone appreciating simple but elegant Scandinavian design.

What’s next for miDeer?

miDeer customers are people who appreciate simple yet attractive designs, who love Nordic products and its fine quality. I can totally see why miDeer has become successful business and well-known name in Estonia.
Now the business is ready to move to the next level. Sinika’s plan is to introduce miDeer products to Scandinavian countries and the rest of the Europe as well. Design Eighty One simply adores all of their designs and wishes miDeer all the best!

Happy New Year!!! Let’s make it the best one yet!

Happy new year, my lovely readers and friends!

2016 was super exciting for me, as I finally started something I had been dreaming for years! I’m a big fan of minimalist Nordic and Scandinavian design, but instead of another shopping trip to IKEA wouldn’t it be nice to have a choice of something a bit different and unique? Plus, supporting small businesses and individual artists feels so right and everyone should do their bit. Why not just buy their products but also help them by promoting their work to the wider audience? There are many UK based online shops selling absolutely gorgeous homeware and accessories sourced from Scandinavian countries, my plan has never been to take over their suppliers. Being Estonian and growing up next to Scandinavia (we do like to think Estonia is actually a Northern European country), I’m pretty sure this is where my love of Scandi design comes from. I know Estonia is full of extremely talented designers whose work is influenced by Nordic style, and the idea of bringing their products to UK had been stuck in my head for a few years. But while actively researching online, many amazing Latvian and Lithuanian designers caught my eye too. Then the final idea was born – to set up an online design shop promoting all these talents here in the UK and bringing customers a fine selection of Nordic inspired design made in the Baltics.

Most of my 2016 was filled with endless hours of researching and contacting the designers I would love to work with, sketches of possible website layouts and long lists about products and any ideas popping into my head – and all of this made me feel like I’m doing something for my soul again! The first months of setting up a business were extremely exciting and none of it felt like work! Well, it definitely hasn’t been a typical 9-5 job and it never will be, but I couldn’t live like that anyway.

Design Eighty One was officially launched in August, and now has 17 designers from four countries represented.

My plan for 2017 is to bring in more designers from the Baltics but also from Scandinavian countries too. A start was already made late 2016 with greeting cards by Swedish graphic designer Marie Zedig. Very soon Design Eighty One’s product range will include more kitchenware and jewellery, and later in the year we will be offering a couple of gorgeous ranges for babies and children as well! Definitely a few more surprises planned along the way, you will find out when the time is right 🙂

2017 will be full of hard work but I wouldn’t have it any other way, I’m determined to make it best one yet!!! Thank you to my family and friends for being so supportive, I couldn’t have achieved half as much without your help and advice!

Any comments, feedback or suggestions are more than welcome, as always.


New arrivals this week!

It’s always pretty exciting to get stuff in post, right? Well, it has been super exciting here in Design Eighty One headquarters, parcels with new stock have been arriving, some we can announce now, some little later! This week has brought us two new Estonian designers, and their lovely products have been just listed in the Design Eighty One shop.

Firstly we are delighted to introduce you Tie&Apron. Andres Labi designed the first tie apron for a design competition ‘Male Thing’ in 2013, arranged by the Estonian Association of Designers. Soon enough, the tie apron got recognition both locally and internationally.
Tie&Apron combines the distinction of a neck tie with the utility of an apron. Whether you are cooking, serving or just enjoying food, Tie&Apron turns every dinner into an extravagant moment, a sophisticated ritual that you won’t forget.

Tie & Apron

Second new arrival to Design Eighty One is Bold Tuesday. Designers Kairi and Markus, founders of Bold Tuesday, say: “We design interactive maps and creative travel posters that help you get a better view of your adventures – where have you travelled so far and where do you plan to go next? Every travel map poster tells a unique story because you are the one who creates it! It’s your world, your trips and travels – we just provide you with the clever canvas.”
Sounds perfectly amazing!

Fill your home with candles for cosy autumn

autumn photo of river and colourful trees

The evenings are getting longer and the weather colder. Even on gorgeous sunny autumn days you can feel the chill in the air. It’s time to think of cosy evenings at home, lit candles and warm blankets, filling your space and being surrounded with beautiful designs.

We think home can never have too many candles! You can make dark evenings lovely and cosy adding some warming candlelight to your space without great expense. One quick way to add new touches to your home is the get few new candle holders which you can use either in bedrooms, living space or part of dining table centerpiece.

ceramic porcelain candle holder by Hele Ceramics

Here at Design Eighty One we absolutely love Hele Ceramics delicate porcelain lanterns. Made for tea lights and being semi-transparent, they give beautiful soft glow when lit. Lanterns are covered in tiny blossom pattern, making them perfect for any season, not just for autumn.

Estonian designer Hele Ceramics also makes gorgeous white ceramic vases, have a look in our shop, they go beautifully together with the lanterns!

If you prefer more contemporary style we think Latvian designer PRUT has gorgeous black candle holders for you. Made from metal, there are three styles to choose from, and the shortest one (style three) is suitable for tea lights. These candle holders look amazing on their own, their minimal design makes them perfect for any space, either home or office. They would look absolutely stunning grouped together for beautiful display.

black metal candle holder by Latvian designer Prut

No need to miss the summer, autumn can be lovely colourful season to enjoy, either exploring the great outdoors or cosying up indoors surrounded with all your lovely things. And who doesn’t appreciate bit of quiet time to get planning and preparing for busy Christmas season?

Introducing: Kata Kiosk

We like to offer our customers wide range of products, from minimal Nordic style to cheerful folk inspired art. Our main criteria is to source these wonderful products directly from the makers in Baltics and Nordic countries.
Last week we added new product range to Design Eighty One, and the very first one from Lithuania. We are happy to introduce you Kata Kiosk!

The creative force behind the brand is illustrator Kotryna Zukauskaite (aka Kata), who has been producing Lithuanian folk inspired postcards, art posters and gifts since 2011. Her range also includes these bright and cheerful greeting cards for any occasion.

Kata Kiosk’s products are available in many European independent gift and design shops, you can even find her all the way in Japan. Design Eighty One is delighted to be the first shop in United Kingdom to stock a selection of Kata Kiosk’s greeting cards and art posters. We are in love with Kata’s colourful products and hope you will be too!

Welcome to our online store!

Hello, my name is Annely and I’m the owner of Design Eighty One, Nordic style homeware and accessories online shop.

We launched our online store just two months ago, something I’ve been dreaming for years finally came alive! I’m a big fan of Nordic style, its’ minimal but yet cosy and warm look. Having grown up in Estonia, country with its’ cold-cold winters, filling our living space with beautiful items and creating a snug home is pretty essential for us!

There are hundreds of amazing Scandinavian and Nordic inspired brands all over the world and creating that relaxing look in your home has never been this easy. But here at Design Eighty One we think it’s super important to support small businesses and individual designers! We want to promote these talented people whose creations are as wonderful as well-known brands’ products but who can add that special touch to your home or office. That little special extra what mass-produced items would never give – their unique style, love, hard work and dedication, their values for timeless design. And also – we are proud to source all these beautiful items directly from designers in the Baltic and Nordic countries, delivering these straight to you!

Design Eighty One

Currently we are working together with 11 Baltic designers but our range is constantly growing. Couple of more product lines will be added to the shop in next few days and weeks, so stay tuned!

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